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The water shape of the fountain is stable throughout the entire time of operation.
The Sequencing Function essentially makes a fountain change its shape in sequences and it’s available
for all models with more than 2 water patterns. A pre-programmed unit in the control panel performs
sequential changes of the water pattern, in all possible logical combinations in configurable speed.
e.g. 2 water features create 3 logical water shape combinations
3 water features create 7 logical water shape combinations
4 water features create 15 logical water shape combinations
5 water features create 31 logical water shape combinations
6 water features create 64 logical water shape combinations
8 water features create 255 logical water shape combinations
The Musical Function turns a fountain into a lively, fascinating spectacle of dancing waters and light. An
intelligent unit listens to the music input and performs amazing choreographies on the fly. The fountain
dances to the music in real-time with absolute synchronisation and no delay.
This function includes Sequencing as well.
is the most impressive and elegant fountain function. It is great for medium and large-scale
fountains with massive volumes of water. This function makes water gradually rise and fall in various
speeds and in all possible logical combinations based on the amount of water shapes. The glorious
result is particularly impressive in fountains with a mixture of frothy and clear-water patterns.
The HydroStar
function can be combined with a clever Wind Control System to lower the fountain
based on wind velocity, keeping it in safe operation even under windy conditions.
Stable ( S )
Sequencing ( P )
Musical (M)
Lights Mounted on Spray
Wind Control System
Water Level Control
Halogen Lights
RGB Controller
Stainless Steel Junction Boxes
Electric Panels
Dry Pumps