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There Are 10 Points for a Successful Fountain.
And you have us by your side in every one of them.

Client Connection

This is the first and one of the most valuable steps in the process. It is our first connection where we get to know each other, the vision and the expectations of the client. It is the point where we constantly ask questions and thoroughly discuss every bit of the project.

Concept Research & Design

After the initial brief, it is time for brainstorming. We proceed right away with the concept research and start designing draft sketches of the fountain. We examine all possible forms, scales and effects of water. This is the time when the most incredible ideas pop up – numerous designs and alternatives end up on the table.

Visualization & Animation

Once the design of the fountain starts to take form, the digital artists kick in and a detailed visualization of the fountain is created. With the aid of the latest 3D technologies and fluid simulation software, we create stunningly realistic images and movies of the fountain and the surrounding area. At this point, the client can see their fountain. Final adjustments are also made, so the design meets the exact requirements of the client.

Proposal & Presentation

A detailed proposal and a thorough presentation with images, videos and lots of information is prepared and sent or presented in person to the client. Areas of responsibility are also clarified in this step.

Installation & Commissioning

Even though our products are remarkably easy to install, if installation is asked by the client, our experienced installation & commission teams prepare their luggage and installation gear and fly to the site. They install the entire fountain system, the lights and the control system in the most professional way, keeping always in mind the ease of maintenance and most primarily the safety of the fountain. The supervisors make sure that everything is installed properly, every water stream is fine-tuned, every light points correctly at the streams and all the little details that matter the most. If it is a dancing fountain the choreographies now run for testing and fine-tuning purposes. Nobody leaves the site until the fountain operates as designed and the client is satisfied.