B-C-D Series - Fontana

Pre-fabricated in
factory and delivered
ready for installation.

You‘ll find a wide selection of carefully designed fountain shapes, made of the highest quality materials and delivered pre-fabricated, pre-wired, ready for installation.

The best part? They feature all new technologies like LED illumination and a set of handy features that will make your life easier. Installation is fast & easy without requiring special experience or skill – it is more like taking the system out of its packaging, putting it inside the basin and plugging the cables.

No matter how complex the fountain pattern you choose is, we have simplified the process of installation as much as possible, saving you money, time and effort. The LED luminaires come straight from the amazing TheSmartLED series and all models ship with standard RGB lights that create a standalone RGB sequence without the need for a controller. Of course you can connect the luminaires to an RGB controller to control them or you can also order your fountain with white color illumination (cool or warm). As an option, all fountain models can be ordered with conventional, halogen luminaires.

The majority of the fountain systems is made of superior quality stainless steel (smooth bore nozzles are made of brass, nickel-plated). All models under C & D series are equipped with telescopic feet, adjustable by 20cm in height for precise installation and leveling.

The pumps that give life to these fountains are made of stainless steel by Grundfos, housed in stainless steel filters for efficient, reliable and safer operation. Standard models are equipped with submersible pumps, but you can order any type with dry pumps instead. Finally, there is a wide range of professional add-ons to make the best of your fountain like basic or advanced control panels, wind control system, water level control, stainless steel junction boxes and the fantastic FCU controller.

As wide as the range of these fountain models might be, we are primarily focused on special fountain designs of any scale and provide full support in every phase, from design & consulting up to manufacture and installation. You can always contact us to design your unique fountain.