C154 Prefabricated Fountain System - Fontana Fountains

C154 is a highly impressive water shape, spreading in three levels. It consists of 2 inverted domes of water which fill the entire basin and a central Foam Jet.

The dynamic figure of C154 is vividly enhanced when illuminated by the powerful TheSmartLEDTM underwater luminaires in single- or multi-color illumination.

C154 offers spectacular views when in Sequencing, Musical or Hydrostar mode, gracefully dancing in slow or rapid movements. Ideal for hotels, parks, shopping malls, offices, residential, commercial and public areas, indoors or outdoors.

  • Prefabricated Fountain System
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • TheSmartLED RGB Stainless Steel underwater lights; Vivid multicolor illumination with integrated RGB sequence and self-protection
  • Grundfos Stainless Steel submersible pumps, with filter, prewired with 10 Meters of waterproof cable
    (for pumps 0.30kW – 1.70kW)
  • Fountain System Adjustable by 20 cm in height with telescopic bases
Professional Add-Ons
  • Water Level Control System
  • Wind Control System
  • FCU
  • RGB Controller
  • Illumination with Halogen Lights
  • Stainless Steel submersible junction boxes
  • Automated or Manual Electric Panel (indoor or outdoor)
  • Dry pumps
Type Max. Spray Height Pool’s Water Depth Central Nozzle


TheSmartLED Technology

Pumps Stable Sequenc. Musical Hydrostar
C154-30 3.00 m 50-60 cm Foam Jet 1¼" 8 x 20W 12-24V DC

3 x 0.70kW 230V AC

C154-31 4.00 m 50-60 cm Foam Jet 1½" 12 x 20W 12-24V DC

3 x 1.30kW 230V AC

C154-32 5.00 m 50-60 cm Foam Jet 2" 14 x 20W 12-24V DC

3 x 1.70kW 230V AC

C154-33 6.50 m 50-60 cm Foam Jet 2½" 16 x 40W 12-24V DC 6 x 1.70kW 230V AC