D138 Prefabricated Fountain System - Fontana Fountains

D138’s water shape is deployed in 4 levels of frothy water and crystal clear streams. One inside-falling Spray Ring, one vertical and a slightly inside-falling one, combined with a central Cascade Jet create a fascinating, dynamic fountain that fills the entire basin.

D138 becomes a glorious spectacle when illuminated vividly by TheSmartLEDTM underwater luminaires, ideal for shopping malls, municipal parks, hotels, villas, squares etc.

  • Prefabricated Fountain System
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • TheSmartLED RGB Stainless Steel underwater lights; Vivid multicolor illumination with integrated RGB sequence and self-protection
  • Grundfos Stainless Steel submersible pumps, with filter, prewired with 10 Meters of waterproof cable
    (for pumps 0.30kW – 1.70kW)
  • Fountain System Adjustable by 20 cm in height with telescopic bases
Professional Add-Ons
  • Water Level Control System
  • Wind Control System
  • FCU
  • RGB Controller
  • Illumination with Halogen Lights
  • Stainless Steel submersible junction boxes
  • Automated or Manual Electric Panel (indoor or outdoor)
  • Dry pumps
Type Max. Spray Height Max. Ring Diameter Pool’s Water Depth Central Nozzle

Cascade Jet


TheSmartLED Technology

Pumps Stable Sequenc. Musical Hydrostar
D138-35 3.75 m 3.00 m 45-55cm 1½"

14 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 1.70kW 230V AC

3 x 0.70kW 230V AC

D138-36 4.75 m 4.45 m 45-55cm 1½"

20 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 1.10kW 230V AC

2 x 1.70kW 230V AC

2 x 1.30kW 230V AC

D138-37 6.00 m 5.35 m 50-60cm 2"

24 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 2.20kW 3x400V AC

4 x 1.70kW 230V AC

D138-38 8.00 m 7.13 m 50-60cm 2"

8 x 40W 12-24V DC

24 x 20W 12-24V DC

1 x 4.00kW 3x400V AC

6 x 1.70kW 230V AC