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    Our products don't just look like stainless steel. They are 100% pure Stainless Steel.
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For over 4 decades, we manufacture high end fountain components for unique fountain projects around the world. We have revolutionized the field numerous times with significant innovations. The use of Stainless Steel, some incredible technologies and the sophistication behind every nozzle made us one of the leading fountain companies worldwide.

Chances are you have already seen our work – there are Fontana-made fountains in all continents, and the common thing among them is that they are built to last. From the nozzles and the lights to the stainless steel bolts. Our life-long cooperation with Grundfos is responsible for the longevity of every fountain’s heart but the renowned quality of every component is what makes the entire fountain work day-in, day-out for decades.

Listed below is our product range for fountain components. If you can’t find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us to create something unique for your fountain project.

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