FPK 5000 Series - Fontana

Programmable Dry Deck Kit
with 100V Submersible Pump

FPK 5000 Dry Deck Kits are equipped with a 100V / 50Hz safety pump for individual control of every stream and water choreographies. A major advantage of these kits is the simplicity of the infrastructure. There is no need for holding tanks, pumping rooms, dry pumps or whatsoever. FPK 5000 Dry Deck kits contain everything required and can literally create endless water effects.

The heavy duty, all stainless steel housing incorporates the stainless steel pump with its filter, 2 XL 300 RGB luminaires for million-color Light Shows, a flow valve for spray height adjustment and each nozzle’s swivel permits easy alignment of the streams. FPK 5000 comes with square or round cover, it is flush mounted and it is absolutely safe to walk on top of it. The entire kit is remarkably resistant to impacts and corrosion and allows for easy & fast installation and maintenance. You can always contact us to assist you in the design of your Dry Deck fountain and also design and create a spectacular choreography, or you can easily create one with the incredible FCU. Note that the pump must be connected to a safety transformer.

  • Programmable Dry Deck Kit
  • Includes a 520W / 100V Safety Pump
  • Stainless Steel Pump with S.S. Filter
  • Available with Round or Square Cover
  • Flush Mounted / Trip Safe
  • Entirely made of 304 Stainless Steel
    316 on request
  • Designed to be safe to walk on top
  • Remarkable Construction Quality
  • Wide selection of Nozzles & Heads
  • 2 x XL300 RGB Luminaires
    White on request
  • Lights made of Stainless Steel solid unibody
  • Incredible Light Intensity & Vivid Colors
  • IP68 Protection Degree – Class III
  • 16-Step Thermal Protection
  • Stylish Design & Finishing
  • High Corrosion & Impact Resistance
  • Includes flow valve
  • Microprocessor on each luminaire
  • Easy & Fast Installation

100V 50Hz Safety Pump

Flush Mounted / Trip-safe

Dry Deck fountains are designed to invite spectators become part of the show. So, we designed these kits to be absolutely safe to walk on top. They withstand the weight and they are absolutely flat to prevent tripping hazards.

All Stainless Steel

All parts of these kits are entirely made of exceptional quality, heavy-duty Stainless Steel. This makes them look beautiful but also invulnerable to corrosion, impacts and any kind of deterioration.

The Stainless Steel Research

Extraordinary Light Intensity
& Vivid Colors

XL300 can illuminate effectively just about anything with pure white or any color among 16.7 million vivid hues. The sophisticated lens creates a uniform beam at precisely 19° (or 58° on request).

Pure Stainless Steel Unibody

The housing of XL300 is something more than a simple housing. We have created a unique unibody; made of pure, heavy-duty Stainless Steel to withstand the harshest conditions, day-in day-out for decades. The most amazing thing with this unibody is that it dissipates heat in the most effective way. It is also designed to protect the light source from corrosion, aggressive water and impacts, requiring minimal maintenance and always looking brand new. In addition, the flawless waterproofing offers IP68 protection degree for up to 2m / 6ft water depth.

Exceptional Heat Dissipation by the
Stainless Steel Unibody.

The precisely engineered and manufactured unibody is made from superior quality solid stainless steel (AISI 304 standard – 316 on request) with strategically located heatsinks which offer exceptional heat dissipation and prevent the luminaire from overheating even when it is placed in room-temperature locations.

Microprocessor Inside

All luminaires incorporate cutting-edge microprocessors that constantly monitor the luminaire’s status & temperature, and at the same time communicate with the controlling device receiving and interpreting data about ID, color and intensity. As complicated as it might seem, the whole network works by itself. You don’t have to worry about voltage drop, over-voltage, polarity, over-heating, internal or external interference. Everything Just works. All you have to do is enjoy the limitless spectrum of 16.7 million colors.

Distance matters no more

XL300 can work under both 12V and 24V DC and anywhere in between without affecting light intensity. It also provides a 10% margin for voltage drop and over-current. And since the controlling information travels digitally within the same 3-wire cable, you can have a phenomenal cable length of up to 200 meters between the controller and the lights.

Four 3 Wires

The magic with TheSmartLEDs is that they require just a simple 3-wire cable to operate (no shielding required). The two wires are used for current and the third one is used for sending and receiving led:bus data. This drops cable costs by 25% and also makes installation much easier.


XL300 thinks for itself so you don’t have to. If the temperature inside the fixture rises for any reason (e.g. operating outside of water), the microprocessor will gradually dim the light in 16 steps in order to cool down instead of just switching it off. This way, your fountain will keep being illuminated and the luminaire’s life-cycle is extended.

Flicker Free

A major drawback of low-end LED luminaires is the flickering effect created on the fast-moving water surface. Apart from annoying, this effect can cause serious health problems to spectators. We have eliminated this issue by utilizing special electronics inside the luminaire, raising the frequency to non-conceivable levels.

IP68 & CE

XL300, just like any other Fontana underwater luminaire offers exceptional, long-lasting waterproofing.
The ingress protection degree of XL300 is IP68 rated and certified for up to 2m / 6ft water depth. In addition, XL300 is CE certified.

96.7% Cost and Energy Saving

Would you believe that by excessively illuminating your fountain would actually save you up to 96.7% on energy costs, minimize your CO2 footprint and save hundreds of trees per year? We tried hard to achieve this.

Launch the Savings Calculator
Technical Specifications
PL700 Specs
Programmable Dry Deck Kit with 100V Submersible Pump FPK 5000 Series
Pump 520W / 100V 50Hz Submersible Pump
Made of Stainless Steel with S.S. Filter | Max. Flow: 186.6L/min | Max. Head: 8m
Also Available: 320W / 100V 50Hz | Max. Flow: 141.6L/min | Max. Head: 6m
Illumination 2 x XL 300 RGB – Each luminaire: 3 High Power LEDs | 219 lm | 6W | 12-24V DC
Optional White Color (.W) – Each luminaire: 3 High Power LEDs | 865 lm | 12.5W | 12-24V DC
Nozzles This unit can be combined with any 1” or 1½” nozzle. Highly Recommended:
Clear Water: Smooth Bore with any orifice between 8 and 20mm, Hollow
Frothy Water: Foam, Fizz
Heads: Cluster, Lily, Fleur de Lis, Bouquet – with flat surface to be trip-safe
Material All Stainless Steel AISI 304
316 on request
Cables 3.0 Meters waterproof cables
5M, 10M or custom length on request
Cover Square (.SQ) or Round (.R)
Dimensions: 350 x 350 mm
Niche Optional (.N)
Niche Diameter: 250 mm


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