POP Jet - A magical water effect by Fontana Fountains
Something POPular is here...

A remarkable device, a magical water effect. The brand new Fontana POP jet is here for both regular pools and dry/play deck applications. A perfectly shaped ball of water rises in the air out of nowhere and grabs everyone’s attention. The nozzle is not visible as it is submerged below the water level making it a truly magical water feature. A powerful LED luminaire makes sure that the water ball is absolutely visible at night, illuminated with 16.7 million colors.

The effect is actually created through a very high speed and precise triggering of a solenoid. The vivid illumination makes this water effect astonishing during nighttime. The POP jets are animated in various sequences with absolutely timed triggers to perform exceptionally even under relatively windy conditions. The use of VFD on the pump is recommended to lower the spray height under windy conditions but also to multiply the WOW factor as this way, each water ball rises at different heights. The entire assembly is made of the highest quality materials, primarily stainless steel and it is a self-contained kit, ready to install. In the niched version, all the required accessories are integrated in the niche, allocated in a manner that permits easy & fast installation and maintenance. The nozzle’s angle can be adjusted to compensate slope, it’s installation height can also be adjusted to fine-tune the water effect during installation. In the niched version, the luminaire fits perfectly into position, being absolutely level to the niche’s cover. Finally, the cover is laser-cut with holes but it can also be delivered uncut to be lined with the material of the pool.

  • Magical Water Effect
  • Water Balls popping out of nowhere
  • 2 Versions Available for Typical Pools & Play/Dry Deck Applications
  • Entirely made of 304 Stainless Steel
    316 on request
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle
  • Remarkable Construction Quality
  • High Speed, Highly Reliable Solenoid
  • Intense, Vivid Illumination of 16.7 million colors
  • Wide Control Flexibility

WOW! How?

Water balls popping out of nowhere! The nozzle is not visible, submerged below water level so it is like solid balls of water emerging from a calm mirror pool. How is it done? A fast, really fast solenoid is triggered for some milliseconds allowing a small volume of water to pass through the nozzle, which drags more water and forms the water ball. A simple theory behind a spectacular effect.

Precision. Precision. Precision.

In order to create the stunning water effect of POP jets, absolute precision is essential. The high speed solenoid’s response time of just 20ms makes sure that the water balls are created at lighting speeds. Perfect timing is also required, and the control system handles that.

Intense, Vivid RGB Illumination

The niched version of the POP Jet incorporates a XL300 RGB luminaire. The XL 300 illuminates the water balls with 219 lumens of vivid, colorful light while consuming only 6 Watts.

Indestructible LEXAN Lenses

Although also available with typical tempered safety glass, the integrated light is equipped with a anti-vandalism LEXAN lens for enhanced safety & protection.

Technical Specifications
POP Jet Specs


Nozzle Type: Smooth Bore Jet MS 0304
Water Effect: Clear Water Stream (perfect for the POP effect)
Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel 316 on request
Orifice: 4.0 mm
Swivel Angle: ±15°
Spray Height: up to 0.9 meters / 3ft


Type: 3/2 Way produces no water hammer
Origin: Made in Germany
Coil Power: 8W
Voltage: 24V DC Also available in 12V AC
Duty Cycle: 100% Continuous Rating
Protection Degree: IP68

Applies only to Niched Version

Amount of LEDs: 3 High Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA)
Color: RGB 16.7 million hues
Power: 6 Watts
Volts: 12-24V DC (Voltage does not affect intensity)
Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 Solid Unibody, IP68316 on request
Lumens: 219 Lumens
Optic Lenses: 19°
Protection Lenses: Lexan Tempered, Safety Glass on request
Self-Protection: 16-Step Thermal Protection with Microprocessor
Cable: 3 meters waterproof, chlorine-resistant cable

Structural / Mechanical Specs
Apply only to Niched Version

Cover: Round Shape (Square on request)
The cover is laser-cut, designed to withstand pedestrian loads, and it is totally safe to walk on top as it is flush mounted. The design of the cover also offers excellent drain performance. It can be supplied with no cutouts to be lined.
Cover Dimensions: Diameter: 280mm | Thickness: 4.0mm 5.0mm on request
Cover Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 316 on request
Niche Dimensions: Diameter: 219mm | Height: 280mm
Niche Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 316 on request
Flow Valve: Included
Drain Outlet: G 1″
Inlet: G ½”
Includes Also: Integrated Junction Box, waterproof chlorine-resistant cables, Flow valve for the POP jet, S/S Braided flexible hose for the inlet of the POP jet, Y-Strainer at solenoid’s inlet, adjustable mounting brackets for finetuning


You can download any of the following files for your own personal use. Information contained in these files might change without prior notice. Also, copy in part or as whole, as well as reproduction, publication or whatsoever are strictly prohibited without written consent by Fontana Fountains.

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