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The Waterwall

The WaterWall. A modular system that does exactly what it is supposed to do in the most stunning, efficient and low-cost way. The WaterWall is designed to add sparkling glamour to shows, events or all-time decoration. It features two rows of densely placed nozzles that produce an enormous wall of water, great for laser or video projection, objects passing through it (like vehicles), or as an innovative water ornament.

The WaterWall boasts great illumination capabilities. It can be illuminated from the top, the bottom or from outside to achieve different effects. The system is made of superior quality stainless steel with stylish finishing, and the brass nickel-plated nozzles can easily be made invisible with the optional decorative cover. The smart arrangement of the nozzles permits modular installation of several WaterWalls without leaving dead spots.

For special projects don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you in creating a unique water-themed show.

  • Stunning, Efficient, Low-Cost
  • Modular Installation
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 spray system with brass nickel-plated adjustable nozzles
    Entirely 316 on request
  • Special Projection Models
  • Very Dense Nozzle Arrangement
  • Great Illumination Capabilities
  • Decorative Cover Available

Pure H2O coming from the sky

The incredible effect of pure water coming from above has a certain wow-factor which stimulates audience and creates a memorable experience.

Stainless Steel Construction

The WaterWall is made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel with brass, nickel-plated adjustable nozzles or entirely 316 on request.
This makes it look beautiful but also makes it invulnerable to corrosion, impacts or any kind of deterioration.

Do you want to learn more about Stainless Steel and why it is necessary in modern fountains? The Stainless Steel Research

Designed for Modular Installation
As any application is unique, the WaterWall systems are designed to be modular. Each system fits exactly next to each other and the arrangement of the nozzles makes sure there is a uniform result without dead spots.
Accessory: Decorative Cover
You can hide the WaterWall’s nozzles in style with this decorative cover made of superior quality stainless steel with brushed finishing. It comes in the same dimensions with the WaterWall models to ensure perfect fit and modularity.
At the end of WaterWall’s model add suffix: .DK
Technical Specifications
WaterWall Specs

Length of System

in m

No of Nozzles



Flow [L/min]

At Inlets

Head [m]

At Inlets

SW 100 1.0 49 2 x 1" 165 1.4
SW 150 1.5 73 2 x 1½" 254 1.6
SW 300 3.0 149 2 x 2" 512 2.0
SW 400 1.0 250 2 x 1" 175 1.5
SW 450 1.5 500 2 x 1½" 358 1.8
SW 500 3.0 750 2 x 2" 532 2.3

For 316 Stainless Steel add suffix .316 | Note: Fine screening of water supply is required – 2mm or 100% filtration.


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