Underwater Lights - Fontana Fountains

Light has the ability to turn
every fountain into something that you
can only describe as magic.

Every night, thousands of Fontana fountains light up all over the world giving dreamy, majestic and elegant views to everyone passing by. We have created a series (or actually 4 series) of incredible luminaires, we invented LED technologies and by working closely with the world’s best illumination professionals, we are proud to offer the most advanced illumination range for use primarily in water.

With our extensive experience in construction of complete fountain systems, submersible lighting and the ability to provide innovative solutions, we can help you choose the right equipment that will match your requirements and desires, either that is elegance and classy looks or spectacular, colorful setups. In the following pages you will find an extensive range of LED and conventional luminaires for fountains, ponds and pools, conforming to all safety standards & regulations but most primarily conforming to Fontana Quality, Safety & Design standards.