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Glass-Touch RGB Controller

An elegant, intuitive and amazingly easy to use RGB controller with DMX output of 512 channels, capable to control up to 170 individually addressed RGB lights.

The glass surface features touch-sensitive keys and a touch wheel with color LEDs, that let the user interactively setup color changing effects, static colors, intensity, white temperature and memory functions.

Available in black or white color. Luminaires with DMX input can be connected directly (e.g. UL900). Non-dmx luminaires require the DMX2led:bus converter.

  • Touch Sensitive Glass Surface
  • 512 channels DMX output (RGB)
  • 4 mode keys to select intensity, color, white and memory mode
  • Touch Wheel with LEDs for intuitive control
  • On/Off key and Play/Pause key
  • 5 Status LEDs
  • Ultra thin design
  • Color chase on up to 12 RGB fixtures
  • CE certified
Glass-Touch RGB Controller RGBC 3000
Output: DMX – 512 channels – 170 individually addressed RGB lights
Functions: 4 Functions – Select intensity, color, white and memory mode
Touch wheel: 12 RGB LEDs
Material: Glass with Capacitive Touch Sensors & Aluminium
Dimensions: 160 x 80 x 11 (W x H x D in mm)
Mounting: In-Wall mounting
Device Color: Black (RGBC 3000.K) or White (RGBC 3000.W)
Power: 100mA 24V DC