UL900 Stainless Steel RGBAW LED Light with DMX-RDM - Fontana Fountains

UL900 is every light designer’s dream. It offers stunning RGBAW illumination in a beautiful, heavy duty housing made of pure Stainless Steel. It is a both architectural and show-oriented underwater light that is designed and built to last for decades. The UL900 has a direct DMX input for easier integration in shows and it is also RDM enabled to be configured remotely. With power consumption of only 85 Watts, it becomes perfect value for money when it comes to powerful, yet eco-friendly illumination.

UL900 incorporates 30 High-Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA) which create 1.0995 Quadrillion of vivid hues at a light flux of 3.643 lumens. The sophisticated, color-mixing optics create a beam of absolutely uniform color – no matter the percentages of each color. UL900 is a Class III luminaire, CE certified, offering IP68 protection degree. Its housing is made of superior quality, highly durable & corrosion resistant AISI304 stainless steel (or 316L on request) with stylish finishing. UL900 can be connected on any voltage between 10-30V DC without affecting intensity. The DMX input is galvanically isolated and it requires only one cable for both Power and DMX. Standard models ship with 3 meters of waterproof chlorine-resistant cable.

The RDM enabled DMX input permits easier and faster installation, and the LED board incorporates a Microprocessor handling and communicating data such as Device ID, DMX Address, color, intensity, temperature, humidity, duty hours & status with advanced safety features like 16-step thermal protection and reverse polarity protection. UL900 is made for trouble-free, longtime operation under the harshest conditions.

  • 3.643 Lumens – RGBAW
  • DMX Input, RDM Enabled
  • 85 Watts
  • 12-24V DC (10-30V Operating Range)
  • Incredible Light Intensity & Vivid Colors
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 Housing
    Available in 316L
  • IP68 Protection Degree – Class III
  • 16-Step Thermal Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Stylish Design & Finishing
  • High Corrosion and Impact Resistance
  • Ships with 3 m waterproof cable
  • Microprocessor on Board

Built to Last for decades

Pure Stainless Steel

The housing of UL900 is made of pure, heavy-duty Stainless Steel to withstand the harshest conditions, day-in day-out for decades. It is designed to protect the light source from corrosion, aggressive water and impacts, requiring minimal maintenance and always looking brand new. The exceptional waterproofing offers IP68 protection degree for up to 2m / 6ft water depth.

To be precise, the UL900 produces 1.099.511.627.771 different hues. Way more than what the human eye can distinguish! Besides clearer, more solid and vivid colors, this also means stunning color washes and brilliant light shows.

How we achieved this? All Fontana lights have a resolution of 256 steps per color.

The UL 900 has a DMX input. This gives you control in 6 Channels: Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White and a 6th Strobe channel. The amazing feature though is that it’s RDM enabled, meaning that you can see the fixture status and configure it remotely from your laptop! You can set the fixture’s DMX Address without having to dismantle the light and configure a DIP switch or whatsoever.

The UL900 works with any DMX software/engine and provides the following through RDM:

Incredible Color Mixing from Truly Advanced Optics

A masterpiece of optics engineering that offers exceptional color mixing. And the UL900 has 6 of them! Each lens mixes the 5 individual colors to produce a solid, uniform beam of stunningly vivid color.

Microprocessor Inside

All luminaires incorporate cutting-edge microprocessors that constantly monitor the luminaire’s status, temperature, humidity and at the same time communicate with the controlling device receiving and interpreting data about ID, DMX Address, Temperature, Humidity, Duty Hours, Color and Intensity. As complicated as it might seem, the whole network works by itself. You don’t have to worry about voltage drop, over-voltage, polarity, over-heating, internal or external interference. Everything just works. All you have to do is enjoy the limitless spectrum of colors.

Takes care of itself.


Temperature Sensor
16-Step Thermal Protection

If the temperature inside the fixture rises for any reason (e.g. operating outside of water), the microprocessor will gradually dim the light in 16 steps in order to cool down instead of just switching it off. This way, your fountain will keep being illuminated and the luminaire’s life-cycle is extended.


Humidity Sensor
16-Step Thermal Protection

With the .HF accessory, the LED board is equipped with a humidity sensor. This sensor reports back through RDM, letting you know if there is the slightest ingress of water (e.g. after incorrect maintenance). Depending on the RDM manager, it can instantly notify the maintenance team via email.


Works in 12-24V DC
and anywhere in between!

UL900 can work under both 12V and 24V DC and anywhere in between without affecting light intensity. It also provides a 10% margin for voltage drop and over-current.

reverse polarity

Reverse Polarity
For those oh, s**t moments

The magic with Fontana lights is that they take care of themselves, so you don’t have to. The UL900 features Reverse Polarity Protection to ensure that no damage will occur to the luminaire if wires get mis-connected during installation.

Distance matters no more

Besides the wide voltage range (that doesn’t affect light intensity), the luminaire is controlled via DMX512-A. As long as the cable meets the DMX specifications, these lights can be installed at distances of up to 1200 meters from the nearest control device.

One Cable
DMX and Power together

You need only one 5-wire cable to supply the UL900 with Power and DMX. The DMX input is galvanically isolated for enhanced protection and the RDM data travel through the same cable.

Drivers on Board
No need for external devices

All the LED drivers are built in the LED board, so you don’t have to use external drivers. Besides reducing the cost of an installation, this way you don’t have to worry about cable limitations, external interference or whatsoever.

Flicker Free
Vivid colors sans flickering

A major drawback of low-end LED luminaires is the flickering effect created on the fast-moving water surface. Apart from annoying, this effect can cause serious health problems to spectators. We have eliminated this issue by utilizing special electronics inside the luminaire, raising the frequency to non-conceivable levels.

IP68 & CE
For those oh, s**t moments

UL900, just like any other Fontana underwater luminaire offers exceptional, long-lasting waterproofing. The ingress protection degree of UL900 is IP68 rated and certified for up to 2m / 6ft water depth. In addition, UL900 is CE certified.

Technical Specifications


Amount of LEDs: 30 High Power LEDs (made by Cree, Inc. – USA)
Color Data: RGBAW
Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White
Light Data: 3.643 Lumens
Lens Details: 22° Standard29° on request
Module Type: TheSmartLEDModule DMX512-A RDM equipped
Self-Protection: 16-Step Thermal Protection & Reverse Polarity
Operating Temp.: -5°C to 65°C 23°F to 150°F
DMX: Yes
RDM enabled over 1 cable for Power and DMX
Lifespan: 100.000 hours max.
(complies with L70-spec, in 70.000 hours led initial flux will not degrade by more than 30%)


Material (Standard): Stainless Steel AISI 304 1.4301
Material (Optional): Stainless Steel AISI 316L 1.4404
Finishing: Shiny Polished
Second Cable Gland: Available on Request
Protection Glass: Tempered Heat Resistant Safety Glass
Protection Degree: IP68 Protection Certified Watertight up to 2m
Safety Class: III
Mounting: Heavy Duty, Floor-mounted Stainless Steel Bracket


Power Consumption: 85 Watts
Voltage: 12-24V DC
10-30V DC Operating Range without affecting intensity
Cable: 3.0 M chlorine resistant HO7RN-F Standard
5m, 10m or custum length on request


To include one of the following options, add the approriate suffix to the end of the Part Nr.

316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel Construction .316
5 meters chlorine resistant cable HO7RN-F .5H
Humidity Sensor .HF
Free Standing Base .FSB
Telescopic Base .TSB
Second cable gland (if selected, luminaire ships unwired) .SCG
Wide Beam Lenses – 29° .F
Rockguard .AV


You can download any of the following files for your own personal use. Information contained in these files might change without prior notice. Also, copy in part or as whole, as well as reproduction, publication or whatsoever are strictly prohibited without written consent by Fontana Fountains.

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