WaterShow - Fontana
  • Laser Projection on WaterScreen

  • Video Projection on WaterScreen

The essence of Fontana WaterShow fountains is triggering emotions in every possible manner to every viewer. It is a perfect mix of cutting-edge technology and dramatic choreographies of massive volumes of water, vivid light and even fire – perfectly synced to music – what creates a mind-boggling extravaganza.

A setup of hundreds or even thousands of pumps, motors, specialized nozzles, incredibly vivid and colorful lights, laser & video projectors and one of the most advanced control systems in the world create stunning shows, following precisely the artistic choreographies which are custom made for every individual fountain, for every individual music track.

No matter how complicated such a dancing fountain system might be, the User Interface is simplified for ease of use by the operator, the maintenance costs are remarkably low for the system to work as designed for decades.