What a fountain actually is - Fontana

Back in 1971, when Fontana made its first fountain, it was something spectacular, something that attracted people to just stand and watch. For today’s standards, it was nothing special really, it wasn’t even illuminated at night, but still, it was something worth admiring. Next to this fountain, a passion took form, a hobby transitioned to profession and a brilliant history was just starting.

Skilled engineers, talented artists and fountain technicians were added exponentially throughout the years in the Fontana family and we all share a rather twisted perception of water. We don’t see, taste or sense water the way everybody else does. We see water as a medium to create emotions.

This is what a fountain, actually is. A way to deeply involve with the spectator through the most fundamental and fascinating substance on earth. Every fountain has a unique character; it might convey tranquility, it might be a work of art, it might trigger one’s imagination through its perpetual fluid motion, or it can be a mind-blowing extravaganza with massive volumes of water, impressive light shows and even fire, all dancing to music, following a dramatic choreography. It can essentially be anything – anything that one can imagine of. Our job is to turn extraordinary ideas into marvelous fountains. We have our own proposals but we can also turn your idea into a liquid piece of art.

Every fountain consists of a series of nozzles, underwater luminaires, pumps, control systems and various other components, but these parts are not just simple pieces of metal. Every fountain component is a marvelous piece of engineering, design and functionality; elaborately devised, precisely engineered and exhaustively tested under the harshest conditions to make sure it will give the water flowing through it the exact form we want – for decades to come.

When every fountain nozzle in the market was made of bronze or brass or even sometimes tombac, we started looking for a much better material. Much more resistant to corrosion than bronze, lighter than tombac, harder than polyamide and we ended up revolutionizing the Fountain industry by using Stainless Steel. At first there were the stainless steel luminaires, then the first -worldwide- stainless steel Cascade jet, right after the fountain heads came up and finally a brand new type of Jumping Jet with splash-free cutting and an incredible in-house developed cutting mechanism.

Meanwhile, we created from scratch a range of truly intelligent LED underwater luminaires that offer exceptional light intensity & vivid colors while consuming up to 96.7% less energy than conventional bulbs and also sporting industry-unique control and safety features. A fountain turns into magic when properly illuminated and we have put all of our expertise in these luminaires to achieve this in the most energy efficient way. Such lights illuminate the highest fountain in Netherlands and thousands even larger or smaller fountains all over the world, every night.

We also believe that cutting-edge technology is an essential part of every fountain. We developed some unique technologies like controlling your fountain through your iPad and a series of other technological marvels that have revolutionized the fountain industry.

We spent the most part of the last 5 years as an RnD lab, we upgraded our production line with the addition of amazing machines like Laser Cutters, CNC machines, specialized presses and other equipment to offer even better fountain equipment, even faster.

This company has been made famous for the quality of our products and services and we couldn’t be anything else than proud of it but also strongly committed to continue to advance in fountain design, engineering and manufacture.